Zilis, pronounced /za-lease/, means ‘multiplying nutrition’ in Swahili.

We have taken that idea and made it a reality with our ULTRA brand. Founded in 2015 by renowned entrepreneurs, Steven and Angie Thompson, Zilis has changed lives across the nation and around the world. With over 20 years of business experience, our Founders have created a movement. Our mission is to provide unlimited opportunity for our Ambassadors, while our unique Pay It Forward program impacts those in need at home and abroad.  Our “Pay It Forward” philosophy believes and participates in “Making Lives Better” by supporting non-profit entities such as nationally recognized Vitamin Angels, our Multivitamins for Children program, and our Patriot Program.

 “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

JOHN BUNYAN English Preacher & Writer

Zilis CBD Technology

Regardless of how high quality an oil-based supplement is, if your body is unable to absorb the oil, you will not feel the benefits. It’s not what you take that matters; it’s what your body absorbs.

UltraCell technology uses two delivery systems, liposomes and micelles, that work together to maximize the benefits of UltraCell full spectrum hemp oil. Liposomes control the time-released benefits while micelles aim for rapid onset. Known as the “entourage effect,” this delivery system allows you to benefit from more than 400 naturally occurring compounds in our full spectrum UltraCell— and it is only available from Zilis.

  • Full spectrum, Water Soluble
  • Superior formulation
  • Up to 94% Bio-availability


ULTRACell CBD Powder
  • Full spectrum
  • Wellness and inner balance support
  • Mix with water


  • Water Soluble, Full Spectrum CBG Oil
  • The ultimate entourage compound to ULTRACELL®
  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Water Soluble CBD OIL
  • Exclusive technology to Support Healthy, Active Pets
  • Wild Caught Salmon Oil Helps Support a Healthy Cost

  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD
  • Aloe & Proprietary Essential Oils
  • Smooth & Luxurious Feel
  • Up to 94% Bioavailability