Our Principles

The principles of holistic medicine include the following:

  • All people have innate healing powers.
  • The patient is a person, not a disease.
  • Healing takes a team approach involving the patient and doctor
  • Effective healing addresses all aspects of a person’s life using a variety of holistic practices.
  • Support involves seeking the cause of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms.
  • Health – a state of optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Wellness – a state of health characterized by a positive emotional state of mind.

Our Approach

We use energy scanning investigative tools (or modalities) that measure energy levels of body systems, organs, and cells in real time. Your unique scanned energy patterns are compared to a universal database containing standardized patterns (frequencies). With that information, we can develop a unique individualized program to support your move toward optimal health that will allow your body’s innate healing power to fully manifest its self.

Natural BioWisdom, PMA was established in 2013 and is located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Your Partners

Nancy (Cooper) Crosby

Nancy is a coach and a holistic health practitioner – a truth teller genuinely wrapped in love.

As is the case for many people, Nancy also experienced a number of pivotal moments, experiences, and discoveries in her health and wellness journey that shifted her focus from business to a passion for wellness and sharing that passion with others.

Her passion for people goes back to the 80’s. Why? That’s when she met a woman whose attire and music preference put them – in her mind – on two different planets. To her delightful surprise, she was wrong as everything else – work ethic, sense of humor, family values, etc. – was the same, and they became fast friends. 

She is also a “recovering CPA” who wanted more interaction with people. You see, she loves finding a connection and discovering the common thread between any person (Will it be you?) and herself. Don’t misunderstand, she still likes strategy, technology, spreadsheets, PBS, and the like. And now she gets to do it all using some really cool technology and fabulous coaching tools.

President & CEO

When Nancy is not at work in her business or coaching students at the local technical college, she loves, loves, loves to spend time with friends and family – including her granddogs. She is a curious kid at heart, and her happy places and activities are swimming pools, dance floors, nature, coffee shops, German beer gardens, traveling, playing piano, sailing, sheepshead (card game) night, and just the right amount of quiet time.

Proximity isn’t much of an issue as she can do coaching by phone or online platform, and she can do technology work with her lab and your samples. 

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1998, and she is a former Certified Public Accountant with experience in public, private, and not-for-profit industries. She received certifications as a Life Coaching from Thrive, a Human Development Company in 2013, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Certification from the Association of Natural Health in 2015, a Quantum Coach Certification (including 69 hours approved for ICF certification) from Quantum Coaching Method in 2019, and is awaiting the results of the February 2020 National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching exam.

Clark J Crosby

After 30+ years in the environmental industry work as a bench chemist and manager of an environmental analytical laboratory, Clark retired and eagerly moved to supporting Nancy and Natural Biowisdom.

Vice President – Technical Services

Your Path to Wellness

We’d love to hear from you!  Share your story and let us work together to get you on a sustainable path to wellness.

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