The Elemental Triad

We have designed “The Elemental Triad” as a series of three processes that we can use to determine your
current baseline health condition. The Triad consists of:

  1. OligoScan – minerals and heavy metals analysis;
  2. Vitals Scan – energetic scan of over 500 body functions;
  3. Nutri-Q – on-line nutritional health survey system.

We compile the information from these three reports, along with the information from a short health questionnaire into a baseline report of your current health condition. This information will be used to assist us
with designing a custom wellness program that can move you towards better health. As a Next Step, we will use this information to design an exploratory program that will move deeper into any issues that possibly may indicate the existence of a “root cause”.

Oligo Scan

Leverage technology that gives you a quick, precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals your tissues.

Vitals Scan

Discover an elegant yet simple method for measuring the health of your entire body that is safe and non-invasive.

Health Report

Used to assess the proper nutritional supplements based on your current symptoms.